What big companies are moving to florida?

For example, The Walt, headquartered in Burbank, California. It's no secret that the state of Florida is home to one of the best climates in the United States. With New Remote Work Policies Freeing Employees to Work Where They Want, Many Choose Florida's Warm Temperatures and Sunny Skies. The state also has some of the best restaurants, cultural attractions and overall quality of life in the country.

Not to mention its pristine beaches. One of the main drivers of influx in recent months has been that the state managed to reopen businesses before other large malls while managing the COVID-19 crisis. Florida's education system has also improved tremendously, and investments in the state's infrastructure over the past few decades have created an environment built for the future. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have served as a catalyst for some businesses to move to Florida today, the momentum behind this movement has been building up for years.

As Suárez pointed out, Miami is an international city today due to decades of families who left troubled countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to build their homes in Miami. This diversity is one more reason why companies seek the Sunshine State. The confluence of Florida's smart tax structure, the welcoming attitude of public officials, the high quality of life and a bright future will likely make businesses come to the state for many years to come. Colony Capital, a Los Angeles-based investment firm, moved part of its team from Los Angeles to Boca Raton beginning Jan.

1, according to a company press release. Florida represents the right mix of conditions that are attractive to business leaders looking to move. The long list of companies moving their corporate headquarters from the New York metropolitan area to Florida has become a little longer. She said many companies perform full comparative analysis of how their current locations match potential landing points in Florida.

According to Business Insider, Unicorn investor Keith Rabois has moved to Miami and said the Bay Area is losing its concentration of tech talent. With businesses and employees no longer feeling physically tied to centers in Northeast or California, many individuals and businesses are moving to take advantage of these favorable tax structures. The great exodus to South Florida from big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York has been preparing for a long time; but Mayor Francis Suarez of the City of Miami has spearheaded the movement to make Miami the world's next technology hub. By moving to Miami, the public company can save 25 percent on its lease compared to what it paid in California.

Even moderately successful late-stage companies are attracting private investment, including direct purchases in some cases, giving them options in addition to an eventual IPO. MIAMI — San Francisco has lost more residents during the pandemic than any other major city in the country, and hundreds of them have moved to Florida. Future Tech Enterprise, an IT service provider, moved its headquarters from New York to Fort Lauderdale. The move is another example of the avalanche of companies heading to the Sunshine State, and a continuation of strong numbers showing Florida a national leader during the pandemic in attracting new businesses or becoming a home for new businesses.

Ashley Portero writes in her article, “How Miami-Dade Plans to Keep Tech Companies Coming, that Miami needs to implement an aggressive and strategic marketing and communications campaign that highlights South Florida's most successful companies and founders. Other newcomers range from high-tech companies to companies that deal with transportation and consumer products. Amid increased migration to Florida by out-of-state businesses, Fort Lauderdale is receiving some attention from technology and financial services companies looking to expand or relocate from northern states. .