What can i do if i was scammed by a mover?

The first step is to file a direct complaint with the moving company itself. Accredited moving companies will address your issues and reach a mutual agreement. Contact your local office and headquarters to try to resolve the issue. To file a complaint about an interstate move, take a look at the complaint categories.

Finally, to file a complaint with the federal government, call 888-368-7238 or file a complaint online. And if you get a very low moving cost estimate from a company, it could be one of those bait-and-switch moving scams. This is the only surefire way to ensure that a company is not just a moving scam, but that a proper license does not guarantee that a company provides excellent moving services or that it is fairly priced. If you're planning to move this year, there are simple ways to avoid moving scams and make sure you're working with an honest and trustworthy company.

With the increase in long-distance moves, as well as interstate moves, moving company scams appear to be increasing as well.