What should be included in a relocation package?

Relocation Reimbursement · Flexible Start Date · Free Visits · Temporary Accommodation. If the employee needs to start on a certain date, companies may also consider the possibility of temporary housing. Thanks to the rise of shared hosting programs like Airbnb, companies can avoid hosting someone in an expensive hotel, although that option is still. Temporary housing can help the employee adjust to the new place in a month or two.

Along with the rental costs of those two months, companies also usually cover utilities. Your company should partner with a packing service whose job is to make all the necessary packaging for you so you don't have to worry. Your company must not only hire your services, but also pay for them on your behalf. They must also pay for the unpacking service once you arrive and settle in your new location.

You may be able to cover the packing service yourself if your company can cover the cost of airfare. Or maybe your company can help you reimburse your child care costs. Be sure to negotiate within reason and understand that not all relocation packages will be negotiable. Often, when moving for work, employees have to move quickly and do not have time to pack.

Employers can help with the cost of hiring professional packers to streamline the process. The pros and cons of hiring professional packers include less stress and saving time, on the one hand, and exercising less control over the process, on the other. A relocation package is an offer by the company to cover the cost incurred during the relocation of existing staff or a new employee. Not all companies offer a relocation package because you are not bound by any law.

However, companies do it as a benefit to attract the best prospects from different countries to work for them. With each moving expense covered, ask if there is a specific amount allocated for each line item or if there is a lump sum that will be fully reimbursed as the amount of the relocation package. Common relocation packages include a lump sum, refund, direct invoice and third-party relocation. Moving can be an expensive ordeal, but if you know what to order and what to expect from common employee relocation packages, it will help you feel more comfortable with your final decision.

And the company may not offer unsolicited relocation assistance if you don't request it, so again, it's important that you do your due diligence. It is also beneficial to the employee, as it removes the stress of researching moving companies and comparing the costs of relocation services. Relocation is an entirely different area of Human Resources; a relocation specialist can take the lead in ensuring a smooth transition for you and your new employee. Also, given that 20 percent of employees say they have quit a job after being denied a relocation opportunity, offering a below-normal moving experience can be unpleasant for your potential job candidates, causing your company to lose talent.

It's an approach sometimes used when hiring a third professional company to help with relocation management. As you determine the details of the job, make sure the costs of what the company's relocation policy covers are clear. If you are changing positions within your own company, but to a different location, talk to your HR manager or relocation representative for clarification on what is available. Your new company or relocation specialist will contact you to discuss the entire process and this will include how expenses are managed.

Companies are realizing the fact that having a strong and attractive relocation package makes excellent business and brand sense, and it becomes a reality to be competitive in today's market. Although not a requirement, many companies offer some type of job relocation package to employees. Other expenses that could be included in a relocation package include school relocation assistance for employees' children, temporary storage of household items that cannot be transported immediately, or payment of state driver's license fees. While it is increasingly common for new junior level employees to also be offered relocation opportunities, typically the higher the employee's rank within the organization, the more extensive the covered expenses of a relocation package.

Today, with a more global economy and a better-educated workforce, competition for talent is stronger than ever; as a result, smart companies are joining the relocation benefits bandwagon. So what does a job relocation package normally include? While it depends on the company and how much they are willing to cover, work relocation packages can be quite comprehensive. This type of relocation package is when a company gives a transferee a fixed amount of money to help with moving expenses. While different companies may offer other relocation packages, it is essential that you can negotiate a good package for yourself.

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