Why is Everyone Moving to Florida?

In a nutshell, everyone is excited about Florida. With its warm climate, beautiful beaches, no income taxes and relatively affordable housing prices, it's no wonder why so many people are moving to the Sunshine State. Not only is it cheaper to rent and buy essential items in Florida, but there is also no state income tax - a major plus for those looking to save money. Data shows that the main reasons why people move to Florida include retirement, lifestyle, family and work.

Many have moved because of the relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, which has given them more freedom during the pandemic. The incredible climate all year round is also very attractive to those coming from colder states. In addition to economic factors, many people have moved to Florida simply because of the lifestyle they can have in the Sunshine State. With the pandemic and the increase in people who want to move out of their small spaces in the city and go to the more bucolic environments, the trend has been to ask your roommate, kiki partner or other friend to leave half-heartedly in their main residence.

If you're looking for a city with a low cost of living, consider Jacksonville - which falls 9 percent below the national average. Or moving inland to a community like Brooksville, where the cost of living is 18 percent below the national average. Many people were able to move to Florida because they were working remotely. And according to U-Haul, the state was the third most popular place to move during Covid.In addition to those who were born and raised in Florida, many residents include snowbirds and transplants from different states who have moved because of weather, job opportunities, and tax benefits.

With no personal income taxes and certain comparatively lower prices at a time when everything is getting more expensive due to the broken supply chain, Florida has a lot to offer many potential movers.However, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of before you move. This migration is leading to a “perfect storm” in Florida, where the highest demand for housing than ever is met with limited opportunities and inventory, leading to some very challenging situations. Regardless of your reason for moving, one thing you will always need for that move to be successful is a talented real estate agent. Maybe you've decided the time is right to move to one of these more tax-friendly states, or maybe you've decided to move somewhere else for different reasons.

Whatever your decision may be, make sure you're well informed before making your move.